Dr. Rajiv Gupta


A Cardiologist by profession, Dr. Gupta has been associated with CDC through its entire journey. He has been an avid supporter, and a promoter for CDC in all arenas.

Mr. Dinesh Agarwal


He is a consultant for IPE Global. He has been a promoter and supporter since the inception of the idea of privatizing waste management for improving the services provided to the community.

Dr. Vivek Agrawal

Trustee Secretary

He laid the foundation stone for CDC back in 1995. Leaving his practice for working in the field of waste management shows his compassion and understanding of public health.

Dr. Vinita Gupta


Gynecologist by profession, Dr. Gupta has a huge interest in public health, and understands the importance of waste management when it comes to improving individual and community health.

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