Mr. S. Vikas

He has led our teams in multiple cities, and continue to do so with precision and efficiency.

Mr. Chandra Prakash

He has been associated with CDC since 2006. With his expertise and support, CDC progresses every day.

Mr. Yashasvi Kankar

Associated with CDC since 2000, he has been there to see the organization grow from one city to multiple city.

Mr. Rakesh Sharma

Leading our teams in adverse circumstances, and coming out on top has been one of his top qualities.

Mr. Sachin Purohit

He has helped CDC in advancing its operations to unfamiliar territories, and terrains.

Mr. Sunil Deokule

Efficiency and effectiveness has been his key motto, through which he has ensured excellent project results in different settings.

Mr. Raju Bhai

Through his efforts, he has taught CDC about resourcefulness, and has always encouraged us to improve our standards.

Mr. Jai Shivaji

Leading our team in far South, he has encouraged expansion and variety, when it comes to operations.