Dr. Vidhu Mathur

Senior Consultant Reseach and Development

He brings in long experience in academics and research. He looks after the research documentaiton and development among key CDC's key thrust areas

Mr. Laxman

Senior Supervisor, River-front Maintenance

As team leader, Laxman has long experience in organizing and managing complex projects with diverse client needs

Mr. Samar

Senior Supervisor, STP

Samar brings in the technical know-how of operational dynamics of complex Sewage Treatment Projects

Mr. Tosif

Senior Supervisor, Housekeeping

Tosif as a hands-op team player, manages the housekeeping operations

Mr. Ramesh Kumar

Business Development Executive

Ramesh is a housekeeping and hospitality professional. He drives business development in SME space

Mr. Siddhant Agrawal

Senior Consultant, Operations

Siddhant is head of operations and innovation. With his exposure working in international, multi-cultural settings, he is leading CDC to new areas and borders

Mr. Vikas Sharma

Chief Manager, Vidarbha

Vikas has experience of implementing projects in diverse regions. He manages city-wide projects for the group

Mr. Sachin Purohit

Chief Manager, Vidarbha

His extensive experience in the field enables him to deliver optimum results at various project locations.

Mr. Chandraprakash

Finance Officer

CP looks after the Finance portfolio. He brings vast experience of working out the intricascies involving project finance, accounting, taxation and auditing.

Sunil Deokule

Senior Manager

As a development manager, Sunil leads his team from the front in delivering effective result to our client organizations

Uma Maheshwara Reddy

Chief Manager, Andhra

Through his efforts, he has taught CDC about resourcefulness, and has always encouraged us to improve our standards

Mr. Rakesh Sharma

Manager, Gujrat

Rakesh has extensive experience in driving result oriented projects and managing operations in a variety of terrains.

Ms. Shivani Rohilla

Company Secretary

Shivani is a qualified Company Secretary. She is responsible for statutory filings and relationships with regulators