Dr Vivek Agrawal as Guest of Honour at Valedictory of BEHSD-2018

Dr Vivek Agrawal as Guest of Honour at Valedictory of BEHSD-2018, organized on Nov 27-28 at CSIR-IITR, Lucknow
About BEHSD-2018
“Bio-Innovation for Environmental and Health Sustainable Developments” (BEHSD-2018) conference focused on covering the advancement of research and innovations pertinent to realize sustainable development goals.
About CSIR-IITR, Lucknow
Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (CSIR-IITR), Lucknow, a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) under Government of India, was established on November 4, 1965. It is the only institute of toxicology in India contributing towards cutting edge research and innovation in toxicology

Workshop for women working

CDC organized a workshop for women working in the field of sanitation and waste management. During this workshop, we talked about the challenges of occupational hazards, and how to reduce these while working in the field. CDC also engaged the women into discussing increased livelihood, and nutrition for their family while working towards a clean India.

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Dr. Vivek Agrawal at the IFAT-India

Dr. Vivek Agrawal participated in the inaugural ceremony, and sessions of ISWA (International Solid Waste Association) at the IFAT-India exhibition in Mumbai. The sessions involved discussion on collection and transportation technologies, and renewable energy resources. Dr. Agrawal introduced ISWA to the Indian community for the first time, and marked the initiation of the ISWA Young Professionals’ Group.

Symposium on Citizen Centric Governance

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Consultation on ENERGY: Future Policies and Challenges

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Dr. Vivek S. Agrawal has been elected as the Chairman of ISWA

Dr Vivek S Agrawal, Leading waste management professional, heading Centre for Development Communication Trust and Managing Director of Kanak Resources Management Limited (a subsidiary of IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Limited), has been elected as the Chairman of International Solid Waste Association Working Group on Collection and Transportation Technology.

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Consultation and symposium on new solid waste management rules

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