CDC at a Glance


CDC is registered under the Public Trust Act 1959, in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Ever since its inception in 1995, CDC has focused on contributing towards evolution of innovative models for scientific and productive management of waste, and community development. In order to help improve the quality of life of urban poor, CDC has been consistently working on exploring new methods. It has worked to build linkages between direct experiences of the communities and the larger contexts of the cities, states and countries.

With a will to make a difference, a team of dedicated and experienced professionals from different walks of life, came together to incorporate Centre for Development Communication. They pooled in the initial operational costs and introduced the organization, their lifetime dream. They started with the waste management campaign in Bapu Nagar area of Jaipur. By 2001, the work expanded to multiple cities, states and national interventions through action organization, capacity building, research and advocacy.


As illimitable as the ocean, our vision is through compassionate & rationales efforts help build an altruistic, explicit, gregarious, indoctrinated & equitable community. Though, developmental process for the community has been going on for more than 60 years, yet the demand grows.
Our thought - that communication, a scientific approach acts as catalytic revolutionizing the process in an essential employing communication for the same to improve the quality of life of the masses & different fragments of the society CDC has expanded its activities to various parts of India , thereby facilitating positive social change.


Our elusive and illimitable goal is improvement in quality of life by following a concrete, concerted and explicit approach with dedication & determination for the community.

Thrust Areas

  • Urban Environment Management (UEM)
  • Urban Health
  • Livelihood and Institutional Development
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs) & Micro Enterprises
  • Social Security to unorganized Sector
  • Governance & RTI


  • Dignified Livelihood creation for 8000+households
  • Providing door to door collection services to over five million houses every day
  • Replacing manually operated equipment with advanced technological equipment and vehicles
  • Livelihood creation initiatives and imparting well-structured knowledge about hygiene amongst rag pickers
  • Promoted social security for street vendors at our current project locations, and promoted their interests in front of the municipalities
  • Recognition by international agencies- UN HABITAT, ECOSOC, and ISWA
  • Developed 50 SHGs comprising of about 600 women waste workers in Nagpur
  • Served 1.4 million meals till date through our initiative- Annakshetra, and reduced about 991.5 units of carbon footprint

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